Canoes and pedaloes

Sport and fun for everyone (adults, children, elderly and those with limited mobility) with canoes and pedal boats at the AGRIPARCO Lago Santa Giustina.

Canoes and pedaloes

Canoes for everyone
Have fun at the Agriparco

Canoes for everyone

Canoeing is one of the most loved water-sport past times when temperatures start to rise. This silent and relaxing sport completely satisfies the senses like few other sporting activities are able to do. This exercise strengthens the torso, arms, joints and their related tendons as well as activating a positive physiological stimulation. Canoeing helps respiration and consequently cardiac activity, devaluing the aspect of psychological relaxation and a sense of spiritual unity with nature. In short, this sport strengthens and develops the entire muscular system. It is perfect for everyone: adults, children, the elderly and those with limited mobility. Special canoes are available to the latter category (1 to 2 seats).

Canoes and pedaloes Courses

Our Canoeing Courses

Lake Santa Giustina organizes canoeing courses for both those who wish to approach this sport for the first time and those who do it regularly. Our instructor will protect you from posture defects or from performing navigation techniques that can cause muscle tears, tendonitis or dislocations.


One of the most loved water activities enjoyed by both young and old, it is a fun and alternative way to discover Lake Santa Giustina. Ride on the water, sunbathe and have fun! (Max. 4 perople)

Aquatic tricycle:

For those looking for a truly unique experience, try the new aquatic tricycle that is easy to use and fun to use. Pedalling on the water will never be the same again (max. 2 people).